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    myProRecord là giải pháp phần mềm Applicant Tracking Systems với chức năng và chi phí phù hợp cho các doanh nghiệp từ nhỏ và vừa (SMEs) tới các doanh nghiệp lớn. Phần mềm myProRecord được đánh giá cao bởi cả người dùng lẫn chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực Talent Management Software.
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    MyProRecord - Not just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Targeting Small and medium sized businesses and BPOs, MyProRecord gives you an advantage over others, in the recruitment industry. Applying intelligence to a "System of Records", MyProRecord provides solutions which are helpful to an organisation rather than just a tool to dump data. Me accept - Rolled out an offer to a candidate and don't know if s/he will join after there notice period? Know beforehand with myProRecord, if a candidate accepts another offe... Show More r. MPR score - A credibility score for professionals, much like CIBIL score in finance, gives a brief history about the candidate (absconding cases, interview no shows). A powerful Applicant Tracking system along with offer management, employee engagement, candidate engagement, Employee referrals, reward points and a lot more. Create events/droves, send out automated mails to candidates for the event. Quick check in for candidates creating a good user experience. A report sheet for recruiters to give an overview for the drive. MPR credits - Can be used to buy/gift vouchers/ deals from the platform, for employees/candidates. Integration with mailbox to pull out candidates directly to your ATS reducing manual work. Shared feedback for different stages of applications and a 360 degree view of a candidates life-cycle for a particular job. Online proctored tests for candidates on aptitude, technology, coding challenges, which can be scheduled directly from the ATS. MyProRecord also can be looked upon as an aggregator of SMEs, to provide better deals for small and medium sized enterprises which isn't possible for an SME alone with small number of employees. You can get deals on insurance at premiums available only for large enterprises. Deals from vendors which you cannot attract as an SME.

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    • Pro Plan: $99/month for 1 user Business Plan: $300/month for 10 users Enterprise Plan: $2000/month for 1000 users

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